Your players are no longer alone!

With GMnet ENGINE you can add multiplayer functionality to your game in no time. Don't waste time building a network infrastructure, use GMnet and adjust it to your needs! It works with all kinds of games and is 100% free!

On the right you can find a tutorial video on GMnet ENGINE created by Youtuber Aerion. For an in-depth tutorial on online multiplayer we also recommend checking out the manual

Really easy to set up

All you need to turn your game into a multiplayer game are some commands and adjustments.

Instance based networking

Do it the Game Maker way! The core of networking with GMnet ENGINE is based on syncing variables of your instances. You tell the engine what to sync and how, and it'll do it!

100% Control

Control what is synced and how. It's easy to adjust it anytime you want.

UDP speed - TCP reliability

Based on the fast UDP protocol, this engine also comes with tools that let you either choose to send data as quickly as possible or with 100% reliability it arrives.

No networking knowledge required

The engine is designed to pick you up at what you do best: Making games. If you know Game Maker, you will be able to create multiplayer games.

Open Source

The engine is licensed under MIT and open for development by the community. You can also create your own forks of it and distribute it yourself. Or join the development!

All the platforms!

Tested on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Android.

All-you-need manual!

The engine comes with a demo platformer and a tutorial to guide you through everything you need to know.

Chat system and RPC support

The engine also comes with a classic packet system, used for chatting or sending RPCs.

A great community!

Join our forums, get help and post your own ideas.

Also comes with...

LAN and Online lobbys

What is multiplayer if the players can't find each other? The engine comes with support for both LAN and online lobbys, so your players can host and join rooms.

UDP Hole Punching / NAT traversal

Why open ports on your firewall? That's not needed thanks to GMnet PUNCH. If you wish you can host a little server that allows your players to play without port-forwarding.

What are you waiting for? Download now:

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