Always wanted to make a multiplayer game? But you don’t want to host your own dedicated servers or want the players to open ports in their firewall? Do you just want them to simply press a button to play wih their friends?

GMnet PUNCH allows you to do the impossible! With simply calling a few scripts in your game you can get your game to the next level of multiplayer experience.


  • Multiplayer without port forwarding - Your players can enjoy gaming with their friends without having to deal with anoying firewalls
  • Builtin server and client structure that simply connects with the one you already have - Just follow the instructions and add it to your game.
  • Easily extendable to support Peer-to-Peer gaming!
  • Open source (GPLv3) - You have the source code, you can modify it in any way you want and also use it as much as you want
  • Simple to use with tutorials and sample project - You download the sample project with all required GMnet PUNCH scripts. You can just press play and try it out.
  • Well documented - Not only do you get a sample project! GMnet PUNCH is well documented and easy to read. And since it’s open source and you bought it, you can easily change it to your needs.
  • Easy to use - For both you and the players!
  • Using a master/mediation/rendevouz server… - You don’t need to host a whole game server, you only need a small lightweight server that connects the clients to your server. More information can be found on the page Requirements.
  • Fallback mode when UDP hole punching doesn’t work - In local networks GMnet PUNCH will automatically try to connect directly to the server.
  • Infinite clients - Supports infinite clients in a single game.

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