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Welcome! Below you will find all pages of this manual. If you are new, start with the tutorial.

Some sections may have a PLUS prefix. These pages are only relevant if you are using GMnet ENGINE. If you are GMnet CORE or if you disabled GMnet PUNCH in the settings, these pages do not apply for you. For more information, check the page on differences between GMnet CORE and ENGINE

Note: GMnet ENGINE was previously called the "HappyTear Multiplayer Engine" (or HTME for short). This name may be still present on some pages of the manual, also all scripts and files are prefixed with "HTME" for this reason. GMnet PUNCH was previously called UDPHP, the same applies for it.

Tutorial / Getting Started

This tutorial will guide you through the creation of the platformer that comes with the engine and teaches you how to use the engine.

  1. What is GMnet ENGINE?
  2. Basic configuration
  3. PLUS - Setup GMnet PUNCH
  4. PLUS - Hosting a mediation server
  5. Starting the engine
  6. Setting up the basic platformer
  7. The network controller
  8. Adding a player
  9. A second room and doors
  10. Making an overlay that shows the name of connected players
  11. Adding day/night
  12. Creating a chat system
  13. Conclusion / What's next
  14. PLUS - Bonus 1 - ONLINE lobby
  15. Bonus 2 - Global Sync (Sync a pool of variables editable by all)
  16. Bonus 3 - LAN lobby
  17. Bonus 4 - Event Handlers for Connecting/Disconnecting
  18. Bonus 5 - RPC

Important Concepts

Basic Function Reference

Sync Functions (mp_*)


CHAT Interface

Online Lobby

LAN Lobby

Global Sync

Event handlers


More documentation may be added later. You can find a documentation of every script in the header of the script files.

FAQ and More

More will be added to this section later.


Please use the forums for support. We will answer there.

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