VarGroup SyncTypes (mp_type)

Each Variable Group can be assigned one syncType using mp_setType that controls how the varGroup will be synchonized. They are enum values of the enum mp_type. FAST actually means mp_type.FAST! The default value, if you don't use mp_setType, is mp_type.FAST.

These are your options:

  • FAST: The engine sends the variable once in the interval you set. Since we are using UDP for networking, there is no assurance, that it will actually arrive. That means we don't know if the other players actually get this change. The packet could get lost. However, using FAST is very fast.
  • IMPORTANT: When using IMPORTANT, the variable will still be synced in the set interval. However, we are using a special way in GMnet ENGINE to make sure the packet arrives. Every X seconds, the server/client will flood the other players with the information, until they respond back, that they got it. That's how we assure the information is actually sent. This is however a pretty traffic heavy operation and using that in too short intervals will cause lagg in both connection and framerate.
  • SMART: This is like IMPORTANT but better. Instead of syncing every X seconds, we will only sync every X seconds what has changed. This is basicly a more traffic-friendly version of IMPORTANT.

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