The lobby update for GMnet ENGINE and GMnet PUNCH

Version 1.1.3 of GMnet PUNCH and Version 1 of GMnet ENGINE introduce a new lobby. This whole update is quite huge. If you experience problems, please tell me!

You will find everything about it that you need to know in the new chapter of the tutorial.

For GMnet ENGINE users this update also includes a way of identifying players using numbers (Player 1, Player 2 etc.). You can find new manual pages for this under the Basic Function Reference.

For both projects: Please make sure to create a new project when you want to test out the demo project, do not update your old demo project. Starting fresh is easier.

Also, as GMnet ENGINE user, check out part 1 of the manual again, the section Adding the engine to a project, because some things changed for people that use GMnet ENGINE and UDPHP as seperate assets.

You need to update the mediation/master server!

Changelog for GMnet PUNCH Master Server

  • (Has to be updated!)
  • Command line parameters! Use -h to see a list of arguments.
  • Set the port via a new command line option.
  • Log to seperate file and change what's being logged.
  • Support for the new lobby system and data strings (lobby can be disabled via command line options).

Changelog for GMnet PUNCH 1.1.3

  • Fixed crashes related to clientGetServerIP and clientGetServerPort
  • Added functions to download a list of servers from the master server
  • Added 8 data strings that can be used to identify a server, they get synced to the master server and can be retrieved by clients and the master server when downloading a list of servers
  • (Added lobby to demo project)

Changed files

Objects: (added)

Rooms: (added)

udphp_serverSetData.gml (added)
udphp_serverCommitData.gml (added)
udphp_readData.gml (added)
udphp_downloadServerList.gml (added)
udphp_downloadNetworking.gml (added)
udphp_clientReadData.gml (added)

Changelog for GMnet ENGINE 1.0

  • PLUS - Fixed a bug when connecting via GMnet PUNCH, where the server port would not update correctly when corrected by the master server
  • Added a new string to identify your game that has to be changed in htme_init (gamename)
  • PLUS - Added functions to manipulate and sync the 8 data strings as introduced in GMnet PUNCH 1.1.3 (see changelog of GMnet PUNCH)
  • PLUS - (Added lobby to demo project)
  • Also check out the GMnet PUNCH changes when using GMnet ENGINE.
  • Added htme_getPlayerNumber to identify players using integer numbers.

Changed files


htme_getPlayerNumber.gml (added)
htme_setGamename.gml (added)
htme_getGamename.gml (added)
htme_setData.gml (added)
htme_getDataServer.gml (added)
htme_commitData.gml (added)
+ all files from GMnet PUNCH when using GMnet ENGINE

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